A garden arch is a simple addition that can transform your garden, at very little expense. You can use it to add instant height and break up the space, to mark the entrance to your garden (or a separate part of the garden, such as the veg patch), to frame a view or a focal point such as a bench or to highlight a path. An arch brings additional charm over a gate or a doorway. You can also use arches in the vegetable garden to grow climbing vegetables over, saving space on the ground – courgettes and pumpkins can be encouraged to climb.


Garden arches are available in a variety of styles and materials; choose one that fits the overall look of your garden. Natural materials work best in more rustic, traditional or cottage garden-style spaces, while metal, steel or Corten work best in a more contemporary setting.

You can of course leave your arch bare, but for the most beautiful effect, plant it with beautiful climbers such as climbing roses, clematis, jasmine, honeysuckle (Lonicera), Trachelospermum jasminoides and sweet peas or edibles such as cordon apples and pears, climbing beans, courgettes, and pumpkins and squash.

The best garden arches in 2023

Tom Chambers Classic Garden Arch

Tom Chambers traditional garden arch

This garden arch from Tom Chambers has a simple design and a gently curved top. It would look good in almost any garden, whether it has a traditional or more contemporary look. The arch is made from square section steel and is powder coated to protect it against poor weather. Easy to assemble, it comes in six sections and has a minimal number of joints to make it more sturdy. Once assembled, it can be simply pushed into the ground. Leave it bare, or allow a beautiful climbing plant to scramble up either side.

Measurements: 110cm wide x 40cm deep x 228cm high

Boutique garden arch

Boutique garden arch

This pretty garden arch has traditional scrollwork flourishes and a decorative finial, and is extra wide at 140cm. It is made from solid steel, finished with a sage green plastic coating to prevent rust. Some simple self assembly is needed.

Measurements: 140cm wide x 34cm deep x 240cm high

Agriframes Round Garden Arch

Agriframes round garden arch

This solid steel garden arch from Agriframes is intricate and subtle. The welded wirework lattice is perfect for supporting any climbing plant – tie them in, or let them scramble over it naturally. The arch can be installed directly into a lawn or border and is supplied in just two sections, so is easy to assemble.

Measurements: Height 2.3m x .1.3m wide, 56cm deep

Monet garden arch

Monet garden arch

This latticed steel garden arch is made from tough 13mm solid steel bars, coated in durable antique black polyester paint. Its wide design makes it ideally suited to framing wider pathways. Easy to assemble, the arch fixes directly into the ground and the lattice infill panels simply hook on to the arch.

Measurements: 152cm wide x 53cm deep x 239cm high

Barrington rose arch

Barrington rose arch

This beautiful tall Barrington rose arch will add a bold statement to any garden – and will of course look stunning with climbing roses (or any other climber) scrambling over it. The arch is made of raw metal which over time will age to a naturally rusty finish. It is easy to assemble; once built, simply push it firmly into the ground using the bottom stakes.

More like this

145cm wide x 40cm deep x 235cm high

Ogee Arch

Ogee garden arch

This arbor has a pointed ogee on top and two finials at the peak, giving it a gothic look. The two sides each have finial and ogee detailing, too. It is made of galvanised steel with a powder coated finish, so is rust resistant.

Measurements: 119cm wide x 45cm deep x 264cm high

Round garden arch

Round garden arch

Round garden arches are becoming increasingly popular at weddings – decorated with flowers, they are the perfect spot for the bride and groom to pose. A round arch is also a simple way to create a moon gate effect. This round garden arch is made from solid steel bar, which has been given a durable antique black polyester paint finish to prevent rusting.

Measurements: 229cm wide x 234cm high

Rowlinson Round Top Arch

Rowlinson round top arch

This beautiful wooden garden arch is the epitome of English country garden elegance but its simple design would look equally at home in a cottage garden or more contemporary space, too. It has a high arch, and rectangular trellis on the sides – perfect for training climbing plants up. It has heavy duty posts and is made from FSC certified timber, which has been pressure treated so that it will not rot. Leave it natural, or paint the arch a colour of your choice.

‎124cm wide x 65cm deep x 250cm high


Veronica Peerless is a trained horticulturalist and garden designer.