A garden obelisk makes a lovely feature in its own right, especially in autumn and winter when the garden is more bare. But of course an obelisk looks stunning when clothed with climbing plants such as clematis, climbing roses, honeysuckle or sweet peas and edibles such as French and runner beans.


Obelisks can be used to punctuate and add height to borders and beds, or can be placed on pots on the patio for climbing plants to grow up.

Obelisks are available in a variety of styles and materials, from traditional wood and metal to rustic woven willow. Choose one that fits the overall look of your garden. Natural materials work best in more rustic, traditional or cottage garden-style spaces, while metal would work best in a more contemporary setting.

Most come with legs that can simply be pushed into the soil until firm. Their measurement is often included in the overall height of the obelisk, so bear this in mind when buying.

The best garden obelisks for 2023

Roman Style Steel Garden Obelisks

Roman style garden obelisks

This pair of Roman-style obelisks would be an attractive addition to any garden, clothed in climbing plants such as sweet peas, clematis, climbing roses or honeysuckle. With a generous height of 210cm, they are made from weatherproof and long-lasting plastic coated steel with a criss-crossing trellis and an attractive finial. The obelisks come in two parts that are easily stacked together, with the fixings attached. They can be dismantled when the season has ended and easily stored – or left standing over winter.

Set of 2.

Dimensions: Height 210cm x 35cm wide.

Rusty Sculptural Garden Obelisk

Rust metal sculptural garden obelisk

The wavy, organic design of this garden obelisk will add a sculptural quality to your garden. It would look equally at home in a cottage-style garden as it would in a more contemporary space. It would add interest to a border even with nothing climbing up it, and it would look just as good bare as it would covered in climbing plants. It will rust naturally in the garden over time, giving it a rustic look. It is made from heavy-duty solid steel rod with strong welds and attractive finials, and it is 150cm high.

Dimensions: 150cm high x 35cm wide.

King Garden Obelisk

King garden obelisk

This beautiful Agriframes obelisk is attractive in its own right but is the ideal support for climbing roses and other climbers. Made of solid steel, it comes in three finishes – Rustic, Sage Green and Matt Black.

Dimensions: Height 1.6m x width 50cm

Pot obelisk

Pot obelisk

This obelisk is especially designed to fit on top of a pot – its feet are angled to fit snugly into a container, while offering a sturdy support for climbing plants. Made from steel rod powder coated in a contemporary gunmetal grey gloss, it is supplied in three sections – you could use the base section on its own to support a young plant, adding the other two sections as it grows. It can be dismantled, the pieces nesting inside each other to avoid taking up too much space.

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Dimensions: 128cm height inc. feet x 34cm width

Wooden obelisk

Wooden obelisk

A wooden obelisk is a garden classic, and would look equally good in a cottage garden, traditional country garden or contemporary space. This one is made of pine and is painted sage green.

Dimensions: 1.53cm height x 38cm width

Charlbury Obelisk

Charlbury obelisk

These beautiful square obelisks are both decorative and functional. Available in two sizes, they would look fantastic in any type of garden, left bare or adorned with plants.

Dimensions: Small: 180 height x 25cm width, Large: 210cm height x 31cm width

Willow obelisk

Willow obelisk

There are lots of woven obelisks on the market, but this beautiful obelisk is made from a kit, giving you everything you need to allowing you to get creative and make something that is unique to your garden. Made from Somerset willow, it has a rustic look that would look good in any garden.

Set of three obelisks in three different heights: 120cm, 150cm and 180cm, width approx 40cm.

Arthur Jack Small Obelisk

Arthur Jack and Co obelisk

Arthur Jack obelisks are beautiful and sturdy, and a wonderful addition to any garden. They are made of thick, galvanised steel, and decorated with Arthur Jack & Co.'s trademark bolts and a finial at the top.

Dimensions: 142 cm high (excluding legs of 30 cm) x 45cm width



Veronica Peerless is a trained horticulturalist and garden designer.