Caring for house plants is no easy thing. Here are tools, including pots, stands, watering cans and more for indoor gardening to help you ensure you care for your house plants beautifully. For more house plant ideas, head to our pots hub.

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House Plant Care Tools

Mini Tools Set

mini gardening tools

This set of mini gardening tools from Zerodis Store makes up the basic essentials of any house plant parents tool kit. With a mini shovel, spade and rake, you'll be able to do all of those fiddly jobs on your house plants without making a mess. Perfectly suited to working in pots, you'll be able to take care of your plants easily. All made of stainless steel, the tools are durable and comfortable to work with too. This set would also make a great gift, or could be used as a children's gardening tool set.

Brushed Copper House Plant Seedling Tray

Brushed copper seedling tray for house plants

This brushed copper seedling tray from Crocus would make a lovely addition to any home. It can be used to grow on cuttings, or simply as a decorative finish to hold some of your house plants.

Mizu Copper House Plant Watering Can

Watering can for house plants

Every house plant owner needs one, if not two, little watering cans to reach those plants on high shelves or in tiny pots. This option from Oliver Bonas would be a great choice; it is both decorative with its arching handle and spout and also functional.

House Plant Pruner

House plant pruner

Every now and then our house plants will need a little trim. Whether they have grown leggy or have some yellowing leaves, it is often a good idea to cut them back a little so they can bush out. These snips from Burgon and Ball would be the perfect tool for the job.

Moss Poles

Moss poles

If you're looking to grow climbing plants, then at some point you will need to buy something to support them on their journey skywards. Plants like monstera and pothos especially benefit from the support of a moss pole like these ones from Mailesi Store. This is a set of two moss poles which have a bendable design, meaning that you don't have to stick to the traditional 'straight up' growing form. They are also made of 100% forest moss, rather than coir, meaning that they are particularly good at retaining moisture and supporting aerial roots.

More like this

Organic Plant Food for House Plants

Plant food for house plants

Feeding house plants in spring and summer can seem like a big task if you have a lot of them, but it's a really important job to keep on top of. We would recommend a feed like this organic one from Bloom Box Club

Morvah Ceiling Hanging House Planter

Ceiling hanging planter for house plants

This house plant hanger from Tom Raffield would look beautiful above a table or in a window. Coming from an established design studio, a piece like this will really elevate your house plant collection and add to your display.

Worm composter

Slim Copper Trowel for House Plants

Slim copper trowel for house plants

Although not exclusively for house plants, this trowel would make a great addition to your house plant care tool-kit, plus it looks beautiful too.

Clear Glass Atomiser for House Plants

Clear glass atomiser for house plants

A mister is a must-have for any collector of tropical house plants or ferns. Especially in the winter, when the air in our homes can become dry from central heating, it is great to give some plants a mist from time to time.

Metal Hanging Lamp With House Plant Pot

Hanging lamp with plant pot for house plants

This stunning lamp-cum-house-plant-pot would make a lovely addition to the home. With gold and glass fixtures, it would suit a modern interior-style and the attached pot is perfect for planting up with a trailing plant.

Farringdon Box Shelf for House Plants

Box shelf for house plants

This simply-designed house plant shelf from Garden Trading is perfect for elevating some of your collection from the surfaces in your home onto the walls. The sleek design and muted colour mean that it would fit well with any interior style.

Mendi Basket for House Plants

Basket for house plants

A basket is a great alternative to a ceramic house plant pot, and works really well with a rustic or scandi style interior design. We love these baskets from Nkuku which come in three different sizes to suit every type of plant.

Avocado Vase for the House

Avocado vase for house plant

Growing your own house plants from fruit stones that would otherwise have gone to waste is incredibly satisfying. These avocado stone vases are the perfect shape to help you start your avocado house plant forest.


For creative ways to display your house plants, why not take a look at this succulent pot display or these wall-mounted displays.


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