Garden pergolas come in a wide variety of styles, designs and materials. Traditional pergolas tend to be made from wood, with the frames able to hold climbing plants and other outdoor decorations. Newer models are being made with weather-resistant metals, with added features such as drainage systems, adjustable roofs and LED lights.


We've picked out our favourite pergolas available. Most of the models listed are modern with premium features, but we included some traditional wooden styles that we particularly like.

Best garden pergolas to buy in 2023

Purple Leaf 3x4m Metal Pergola with Retractable Roof

Purple Leaf Metal Pergola

Modern metal pergolas are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their sturdy designs and adjustable features. This well-sized garden pergola from Purple Leaf has a retractable canopy, allowing you to choose which area is shaded. The roof is powered by magnets which can fasten the canopy's sections into place.

The structure is made from powder-coated aluminium which is said to be lightweight, durable and rust-resistant. The yarn-dyed canopy fabric is claimed to be UV-resistant, fade-resistant and water-repellent - it has been tested so that it doesn't fade after over 800 hours of continuous Sun exposure. Plus, the pergola includes all the required tools to assemble it, with clear instructions for an efficient assembly.

Pandora Leaf Adjustable Pergola 3x3.6m

Pandora Leaf Adjustable Pergola

The Pandora Leaf metal pergola can stand as a traditional slatted roof pergola or can work as an effective sunlight blocker. Using the supplied key, the roof slats can be adjusted to filter out the Sun at a slant, or turned horizontally to block the light completely.

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The slats are made from a textilene fabric which is said to be weather-resistant. Made from a 3x3.6m frame, the pergola can cover a significant patch of your garden.

Utopia Wooden Garden Pergola

Utopia Wooden Garden Pergola

For something a little more natural-looking, the Utopia wooden garden pergola is made with slow grown spruce timber. The frame is pressure treated, which they guarantee keeps it free from rot and insect infestation for 10 years - for a low-maintenance garden structure. The pergola is a great choice if you're looking to grow climbing plants or add garden lights to your outdoor space.

Blumfeldt Metal Pergola 3x6m

Blumfeldt Metal Pergola

This impressively sized pergola can cover 18m² of your garden. The frame, built with aluminium, can provide solid coverage thanks to its sun roof. The canopy glides back and forth on guide rails via a simple cable pull. Plus, the sun roof is made from 200g/m² polyester with a water-repellent coating.

Powder coated metal parts and galvanised screws help to make this pergola more weather-resistant. The side posts also have reels, allowing you to attach ropes or side blinds.

Renson Algarve

Renson Algarve
Silverland Stone

The Renson Algarve is one of the more premium pergolas available. In a clean, white colour - this pergola will be sure to stand out in any garden - especially on a sunny day.

The roof panels can be adjusted with the touch of a button. The slats can shut completely to provide shade and rain protection, or angled directly towards the sun to maximise sunlight entry.

OUTOUR French Style 4-Sided Birdcage

OUTOUR French Style 4-Sided Birdcage

If you're looking for decoration rather than functionality, this birdcage can be a wonderful addition to your garden. The metal structure can work perfectly as a centrepiece of the garden - the frame can be used to grow climbing vines and hang decorations. Ivy, clematis, wisteria, grape vines and many more flowers would beautifully fit this birdcage.

Sitting somewhere between a pergola, a gazebo and an arbour - the birdcage can be a versatile choice for a number of different garden layouts. It's made of powder-coated wrought iron which is said to stand up to the elements to look good all year.

Ultima Pergola Deck Kit 2.4x4.8m

Ultima Pergola Deck Kit

A pergola doesn't have to just be a shelter. The Ultima pergola deck kit allows you to build a patio and pergola into one structure, providing plenty of seating space beneath the tall wooden frame. At 2.49x4.87x2.49m the patio covers a big chunk of the garden. Wood brings a natural feel to it, perfect for combining with a variety of flowers.

Harrod Modern Pergola with Awning

Harrod Modern Pergola
Harrod Horticultural

Available in a number of sizes with options for the awnings and screens, this metal pergola can be customised to accent your garden's aesthetic. The pergola has an elegantly striking design, blending functionality and decoration in a unique way. It also includes a 15-year structural guarantee for peace of mind.

PergoSTET 3x4m Pergola

PergoSTET Pergola
Harbour Lifestyle

Harbour Lifestyle's pergoSTET range is an award-winning range of modern pergolas. This 3x4m pergola, in a white paint with LED lighting, is a stand-out choice. It comes with three side blinds that can be fixed to the sides of the structure and heat sealed at the bottom to avoid fabric fraying. The LED lights are colour-customisable via a remote control and can be dimmed and brightened.


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