March is here. Why not peruse our list of the best plants for March, lovely gardens this month and the gardening jobs for March.


What to plant in March

March is the perfect time to begin sowing seeds, particularly if you have a protected environment (greenhouse, cold frame etc).

Flowers: Hardy annuals

The first flush of annual weed seedlings is a good indicator that soil temperatures have warmed enough for growing cultivars of hardy annuals, such as Agrostemma githago, Centaurea cyanus and Papaver somniferum. These will germinate well from a direct sow, along with many umbels including Ammi majus, Bupleurum rotundifolium,
and chervil and dill, which benefit from the cooler temperatures.

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Vegetables to sow this month

For the vegetable patch, there are broad beans and peas to start off, though tender borlotti, French and runner beans should be left until the risk of frost has passed.

As we reach the end of March, I direct sow beetroot, carrots, parsnips and radish. It’s also a great time to plant any hardy modular-grown vegetables such as broad beans, garlic and onions, along with sweet peas.


My attention also turns to lifting and dividing many herbaceous perennials and ornamental grasses, along with planting new ones, including bareroot additions, such as Convallaria majalis pips and strawberry crowns.


Head Gardener of a private garden in West Sussex, Benjamin lectures, writes and judges for the RHS plant trials, whilst creating a market garden in the South Downs.