As we get into colder weather, lighting a cosy log fire is one of the best ways to start an evening. And having an organised log store with dry, pre-chopped wood makes the process easy, whether you’re cracking out a fire pit or transporting firewood to an indoor log holder.


From tall, narrow storage cupboards to large units, enclosed chests and even eye-catching triangular options, the best log stores come in all shapes and sizes. So, it shouldn’t be hard to find one to suit your outside space. Take a look at our favourites below.

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Best outdoor log stores

Charles Bentley Small Log Store

Charles Bentley FSC Wooden Garden Small Log Store Heavy Duty Firewood Storage

First established in 1860, Charles Bentley has more than 160 years of experience when it comes to crafting products for the home and garden.

This is its small outdoor log store, crafted with FSC-approved Nordic spruce. To make sure it stands up to poor weather conditions, Charles Bentley has incorporated a slanted roof and pressure-treated the wood to protect it against rot. Also, the base sits slightly above ground level, so air can circulate around the logs to help them dry.

Once the log store arrives, you can decide where to position the kindling shelf, according to your own requirements.

Moreton Cross Log Store

Moreton Cross Log Store

If you’re after a smart, sleek log store, try the Moreton Cross. With its black and silver colouring, it suits modern gardens and adds a contemporary twist to more traditional outdoor spaces.

The spruce walls have been blackened for extra protection against the elements, and meet in the middle to form an eye-catching cross, creating four different storage sections.

The roof on top is crafted with galvanised sheet metal and has a dual purpose: to keep rainwater away from the logs and to create a handy extra storage shelf.

Chelwood Modular Log Store

Chelwood Modular Log Store

Another striking black option is this small log store from Garden Trading. Like the Moreton Cross above, this storage unit is constructed with blackened spruce wood, but it has a natural shingled and slanted roof in place of sheet metal. Over time, the tiles will become weathered and take on an attractive browny-grey tone.

Like all the best outdoor log stores, this unit is slightly raised off the ground to keep its contents away from damp and let air circulate.

If you opt for this smart log store, you may be interested in the matching wheelie bin store, also available from Garden Trading.

Rowlinson Natural Timber Log Store

Rowlinson log store

For a more natural look, choose a Rowlinson log store. This model comes in three sizes - narrow, small and large - so you can buy the one to suit your needs.

While the slatted back and sides have been pressure-treated to discourage damp and rot, the log stores still retain their attractive wood tones.

The gaps between the wood planks allow plenty of air to move around your stored logs and keep them dry. And all three unit sizes come with an adjustable shelf, ideal for storing small logs or kindling.

More like this

Shire Large Triangular Overlap Log Store

Shire Pressure-Treated Large Triangular Overlap Log Store

One of the more unusual log stores on the market, this unit has a distinctive triangular design. It’s a fantastic choice if you’re on the lookout for a less bulky option to avoid taking up too much space in your garden.

It’s made with overlapping panels of pressure-treated, FSC-approved pine and comes with an internal shelf to keep your logs and kindling separate.

Woodstock Corten Steel Circular Log Store

Parker & Coop circular log store

These circular log stores are handmade in Surrey from Corten steel or aluminium making them extremely strong and robust. The log store has an open back which allows for air flow around the wood while it is seasoning.

Zest4Leisure Log Chest

Zest4Leisure Log Chest

Open-front units aren’t the only way to store your logs; enclosed chests like this are particularly useful for helping your firewood dry out. They also keep everything neatly packed away - and you can even use them to store other bits and bobs you’d like to keep out of sight.

This log storage chest is made with high-quality FSC-certified wood and is 180cm across, 84cm in height and 72cm deep, so there’s plenty of room inside.

Cox & Cox Tall Log and Kindling Holder

Cox & Cox log holder

While we wouldn’t recommend leaving this beautiful log and kindling holder outside all year around, we believe it deserves a place on our list of log stores. It is sleek and modern and would make a great log storing option for a smaller space.


Learn more about how to prepare wood for your log fire in our article on how to chop kindling, or discover the best splitting axes and log splitters on the market.


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