Wind spinners can provide a beautiful focal point for your garden, harnessing the wind to add a touch of movement and ambience to your borders, lawn or patio.


They come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes, from large statement pieces to stake in the back of a flower bed to smaller wind sculptures you can hang from a tree or on your balcony.

What is a wind spinner?

A wind spinner is a sculpture that harnesses wind power to rotate, creating a mesmerising piece of kinetic art for your garden.

Some spinners have one rotating sail that catches the breeze to create a simple spinning movement, while others have multiple sails that rotate in opposite directions. This creates a hypnotic effect that will dazzle you and guests at your next garden party.

Large wind spinners for staking in the ground usually arrive flat-packed and are easy to assemble. Many come with a stability stake at the bottom to fix it securely in the ground, and you can adjust the height by leaving out one of the stake sections.

How to look after your wind spinner

Wind spinners are usually made from metal – some are stainless steel so will never tarnish or rust, while others are made from a powder-coated metal to keep the spinner protected from scratching and weathering.

While wind spinners require minimal maintenance, some manufacturers recommend applying a lubricant to the sails once in a while to keep the blades rotating smoothly. Some also advise applying an annual coat of yacht varnish to the spinner to protect it from the elements.

These little jobs aside, wind spinners are a low-maintenance ornament for your garden and would make a unique, beautiful gift for a friend or loved one.

From spiralling peonies to rotating suns, we share our pick of the best wind spinners for your garden.

Top 10 wind spinners for your garden

Sphere wind spinner

Sphere wind spinner

This spherical wind sculpture has two sides that rotate in opposite directions, creating a stunningly mesmerising effect that you can sit back and watch for hours in your garden.

Designed by Creekwood, this brushed copper spinner is easy to assemble and has a sturdy ground stake to keep it stable in the ground. The spinner is made from powder-coated metal to protect it from weathering and scratching.

More like this

It stands at a height of 208cm (82 inches), and the diameter of the spinning sphere is 56cm (22 inches).

Wembury wind spinner

Wembury wind spinner

As with the spherical wind sculpture above, this spinner has two sails rotating in opposite directions, but vertically instead of horizontally. It has a beautiful two-tone colour – silver brushed with black – and its tall height of 213cm (84 inches) makes it an eye-catching statement piece for your garden.

Strong and sturdy, this wind spinner is made from powder-coated steel that can withstand the elements, and has a four-pronged fixing stake to keep it secure in the ground.

An elegant, gently moving sculpture that would make a great gift for a loved one.

Dahlia wind spinner

Dahlia wind spinner

This beautifully simple wind spinner by SteadyDoggie is inspired by the shape of a dahlia, finished in a brushed gold colour. The blade spins smoothly in the slightest of breezes and the height can be adjusted by leaving out a section of the ground spike.

The dahlia design is 33cm (13 inches) in diameter.

Tresco spinner with a solar globe light

Tresco wind spinner

A colourful wind spinner featuring a crackled globe light that recharges in sunlight to give off a flickering glow when the spinner rotates at night.

The spinner also features two sails that rotate in opposite directions, and you can adjust the height by leaving out one of the pole sections. The full height of the spinner is 215cm.

Peony spiral wind spinner

Peony wind spinner

The spiraling rotation of this wind sculpture is particularly mesmerising to look at, designed in the form of a peony. The spinner, made by the British Ironwork Centre, has been finished in a verdigris lacquer that gives it a charming shabby chic aesthetic.

The British Ironwork centre recommends a yacht varnish be applied to the spinner once in a while to protect it from the elements.

Gyroscope Nova hanging wind spinner

Gyroscope wind spinner

This hanging wind spinner requires no assembly and would look great hanging at the back of a garden border or from a tree branch. The design features double-twisted blades framing an infinity ball, all made from stainless steel so it will never tarnish or rust.

The manufacturer recommends occasionally lightly washing the spinner with stainless steel cleansers. Each spinner is made to order, with a waiting time of three weeks.

Bronze diamond sphere wind spinner

Bronze diamond wind spinner

For this spinner from Black Country Metalworks, diamond shapes have been expertly sculpted into a sphere with a beautifully rustic finish. The spinner stands at a height of 214cm, and the sphere has a diameter of 46cm.

The manufacturer recommends applying a lubricant to the spinner, such as WD40, to keep it moving smoothly in the wind.

Solstice wind spinner

Solstice wind spinner

We love the playful sun design of this spinner, which is calming and pleasant to look at when not spinning, as well as exuberant and beautiful while catching the wind.

This burnished gold wind spinner has a height of 214cm and the sun design has a diameter of 61cm.

Valdivia wind spinner

Valvidia wind spinner

For a truly mesmerising effect this spinner by Dakota Fields has four sails, separately rotating around a delicate finial crown.

It comes in a choice of two colours – verdigris or copper – and the sails have a pretty leaf and petal design.

Circle hanging wind spinner

Circle wind spinner

At 15cm in diameter, this stainless steel silver and blue spinner is ideal for small gardens, balconies or for hanging from a tree, and has a dazzling effect when it spins.

You'll need to spread the blades apart by pushing from the centre outwards, making sure there's equal distance between the blades so the spinner can catch the wind easily.



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