An outdoor mat, or doormat might seem like a simple thing to buy. But at Gardens Illustrated, we know the value of an outdoor mat which doesn't fall to pieces at the first sign of a little rain.


Your outdoor mats are important for several reasons. They act as a way of getting your visitor's and your shoes clean before they stomp inside, providing the first base of shoe cleaning when coming in from the outside. It is up to you whether you have an indoor mat or just an outdoor one, but we'd recommend both, especially if you are in a rural area with lots of mud, and for the backdoor, where you'll be coming in from the garden.

While the traditional coir outdoor mat or doormat is the most recognisable, it's worth thinking carefully about how much you are going to be using it. If you're in and out with your wellies all the time, you'll probably need an outdoor mat that's a little more robust, with rubber edging and possibly a metal support structure.

And let's not forget, your outdoor mat is one of the first things a visitor sees, so you can also go for one with a little of your own character, to make people smile.

Whatever you want or need from an outdoor mat, there are a lot out there. We have rounded up the options we like best, from patterned to plain, from coir to rubber.

How to clean outdoor mats

  • While the vast majority of cleaning outdoor doormats involves quite a bit of elbow grease, some can be put in the washing machine. If keeping it clean is important to you, we'd recommend focusing on the outdoor mats with a washing machine option.
  • We'd recommend a wire or sturdy brush or broom, to beat and brush your outdoor mat with every few weeks.
  • If your outdoor mat is particularly strong, then hosing it down is also an option, and leaving it to dry before placing it back in its allotted place.
  • You can also use baking powder on your mat, leave it for a few minutes before vacuum it off.
  • Check the instructions, many come with suggestion of how to clean your mat.

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The best outdoor mats

Heavy duty outdoor mat made from coir

Heavy duty outdoor mat

If you're looking for heavy duty, this is as robust as they come. This long life coir bristle outdoor mat has a rubber back and structure, which makes it super non-slip and very unlikely to fall apart. You can expect to get out as much of the mud and grass from your shoes as possible with this outdoor mat, which is also machine washable. Use either a vacuum to clean it or put it in the washing machine at 30 degrees celsius. The size is 45 x 75 cm and has the added bonus of being absorbent, which means any excess water will be soaked up.

Lily Pad doormats

Coir outdoor mat, plain

Here's a classic, no frills option: the Lily Pad outdoor mat is pleasingly plain and unassuming, for those of you who don't want your outdoor mat drawing too much attention. The backing is made from non-slip PVC and the matting is 100 per cent coir, or coconut fibres, which should be very long lasting. This mat has a pile height of 15 mm and it measures 75x45 cm. While not as robust as the previous option, the outdoor mat can be kept under a porch outdoor, or in a sheltered position. You can't put this in the washing machine, but a shake or brush should be enough to clean any lingering mud.

Sissing floral coir doormat

Sissing Floral Coir Outdoor Mat

While outdoor mats with patterns are usually a bit tricky (the patterns tend to come off and get rubbed over) we just couldn't resist this smart, chic option from John Lewis. It's not too expensive and for those of you obsessed with plants, gardens and all things botanical, it's a lovely pattern. Coir is a reliable outdoor mat material and again, although it won't be super hardy against extreme weathers, it will be fine in a sheltered position outside. Just give it a brush down to keep it clean. It measures at 75x45cm.

Star rubber doormat

Star outdoor mat

A fully rubber outdoor mat option is a good way to go if you are a stickler for cleanliness and live in a particularly muddy spot. The rubber scrapes off big chunks of any dirt from shoe soles, and it's also a very easy to clean. The only thing you should expect is chunks of mud in the vicinity. There's also this longer version if you have a double door or long porch. This one is 100 per cent non slip rubber and although it's one of the more expensive options, it will work very well for outdoor plus offers an attractive design too.

Halfmoon doormat

Half moon outdoor mat

For a nice alternative to the regular rectangle design why not try this half moon outdoor mat. Suitable for winter right through to summer, this mat is made from black rubber and has coir inlays. It takes up slightly less space than your usual outdoor mat and also offers a pleasant design. Plus it's cheaper but just as robust as some of the other options on this list. This mat measures at 70x40 cm.

More like this

Heavy duty doormat

Heavy duty porch outdoor mat

Possibly best for a porch option, these doormats are made from recycled rubber. This mat is 60 x 80 cm and features hard carpet and rubber, which is made to last. Very, very flexible, these doormats can be rolled up and transported very easily, plus it's not too high which means pretty much all doors will open over it without problems. The rubber is recycled and its non-slip properties should ensure a tripping hazard is very unlikely. You can wash this outdoor mat with soap or a damp cloth. The size of this doormat is 60x80cm.

Lemons door mat

Lemon outdoor mat

When life gives you lemons, make a door mat out of them... A lovely design and welcoming doormat, which definitely won't break the bank. Backed with PVC, it should stay in place, and measures at the usual 75x 45 cm. It doesn't shed its coir fibres and its slim, so it should fit under your door. You could also use this mat for indoor too.

Habitat shut the front doormat

Shut the front doormat

While we aren't that fond of a novelty anything, we couldn't quite resist this outdoor mat. It's humorous and has a fairly direct request for you and your visitors. Helpful if you're the forgetful type. This is slightly smaller than the classic size, being 60x 40 cm but it has the usual PVC non-slip backing and is made from coir. You can't machine wash this one, it's wipe clean only, but it's a cheaper option with a fun message that will have your guests laughing.

Coir doormat rug

Here's the heaviest of heavy duty. Not only does it have a rubber base, it also has black rubber corners and metal connecting weave that creates a lattice-type pattern. It's a deep option, at 3.5cm so definitely not for indoor use. But in wind and rain it's likely this doormat will withstand and come up trumps, making sure your floors stay clean whatever the weather.

Heavy duty doormat

Extra wide patio doormat

Extra wide patio doormat

Here's an option for longer patios, this doormat is great if you have a bi-fold door or a particularly wide door. Made from coir and PVC, this measures at 100 x 40 cm and has an attractive star design which should make you feel happy to be home whenever you see it. It's one of the mid-range options on this list in terms of cost and so makes even more sense if you have that little bit extra of space to cover.



Daisy Bowie-Sell is digital editor of Gardens Illustrated. She has previously worked as a journalist for publications including the Daily Telegraph, WhatsOnStage and Time Out London